Don’t limit your challenges – Challenge your limits

Hello, I’m Asanka Mawilmada, a software engineer. I’m motivated to broaden my horizon and to discover and learn new methodologies. With a huge interest in web, mobile technologies, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

As a full-stack software developer, I use the latest bleeding-edge technologies within a developer and user minded atmosphere. While developing a specific application, clean code and creating beautiful user-friendly interfaces make me differ from other developers. At the end everyone can develop a sophisticated application, but not within scope, time and best user experience. Delivering a high-quality end-product is my objective.

That’s why I really believe in the Agile (Scrum) method, having regular chit-chat’s with the client, keeps the project on track. Beside being a motivated software developer, I see myself as a team player, I’m always open for answering questions and discussions. Rather than being an expert in one specific area, I prefer to have a broad range of knowledge. Knowing what’s on the market, what’s trendy, allows me to pinpoint the best technologies for a specific project. After collecting the requirements and choosing the frameworks, I eventually use all of that information to develop the end-product by having the maximum of benefits.